Saturday, April 18, 2009

New in Poetry & Theory

VERSED, Rae Armantrout, Wesleyan, HC 123 pgs, $22.95. "Look -- I'm cooperating! / I can pull myself apart / and still speak"

THE LETTERS OF SAMUEL BECKETT 1929-1940, ed Fehsenfeld & Overbeck, Cambridge, 782 pgs, HC $50. "My dear Tom / The discrepancy between mind and body is terrible."

HEGEMONIC LOVE POTION, Jules Boykoff, Factory School, 104 pgs, $15."Do cops hate puppets?"

THE BOOK OF FRANK, C.A. Conrad, Chax, 150 pgs, $16. "they waited to see what Frank would do"

THE CAVE, Clark Coolidge & Bernadette Mayer, Adventures in Poetry, 70 pgs, $16. "He tells us techniques are disappointed now. Six men in plastic."

BODY LANGUAGE, Mark Cunningham, Tarpaulin Sky, 120 pgs, $14. "Regeneration? It comes and goes."

REASON, FAITH, AND REVOLUTION: REFLECTIONS ON THE GOD DEBATE, Terry Eagleton, Yale, HC 185 pgs, $25. "Knowledge is simply one moment or aspect of our bodily collusion in reality, a moment which modernity falsely abstracts and enshrines."

THE WINTER SUN: NOTES ON A VOCATION, Fanny Howe, Graywolf, 198 pgs, $15.
"My father worked for social justice and was eviscerated."

WE SAW THE LIGHT: CONVERSATIONS BETWEEN THE NEW AMERICAN CINEMA AND POETRY, Daniel Kane, U Iowa, 270 pgs, HC $39.95. Writers and filmmakers discussed include: Anger, Duncan, Creeley, Brakhage, O'Hara, Leslie, Ginsberg, Chaplin, Frank, Warhol, Malanga, Ashbery, Burckhardt, Jarnot, & Reeves.

CENSORY IMPULSE, Erica Kaufman, Factory School, 94 pgs, $15. "time for total reconstruction"

POETRY STATE FOREST, Bernadette Mayer, New Directions, 196 pgs, $17.95. "oops, we're in orono!"

APOCRYPHAL LORCA: TRANSLATION, PARODY, KITSCH, Jonathan Mayhew, U Chicago, HC 222 pgs, $45. An exploration of Lorca's afterlife in U.S. poetic cultures. Includes examinations of the Lorca in/of Hughes, Blackburn, Creeley, Spicer, O'Hara, Duncan, Koch, Rothenberg, and others.

LOVE LESSONS: SELECTED POEMS OF ALDA MERINI, trans Susan Stewart, cloth 130 pgs, $19.95. "There are nights/ that never/ happen."

GIRL SCOUT NATION, Yedda Morrison, Displaced Press, $12.99. "Maybe body?"

HEARTH, Simon Pettet, Talisman House, 178 pgs, $17.95.



THE COLLECTED POEMS OF JACK SPICER, ed Peter Gizzi and Kevin Killian, Wesleyan, HC 465 PGS, $35.
SAGA/CIRCUS, Lyn Hejinian, Omnidawn, 150 pgs, $15.95.
RADICAL VERNACULAR: LORRINE NIEDECKER AND THE POETICS OF PLACE, ed Elizabeth Willis, Iowa, cloth 308 pgs, $39.95.
THE ALPHABET, Ron Silliman, U Alabama, 1062 pgs, $39.95.
COLLAPSIBLE POETICS THEATER, Rodrigo Toscano, Fence, 160 pgs, $19.
THE GOLDEN AGE OF PARAPHERNALIA, Kevin Davies, Edge, 146 pgs, $15.
HUGHSON'S TAVERN, Fred Moten, Leon Works, 88 pgs, $15.95.
ADORNO'S NOISE, Carla Harryman, Essay Press, 182 pgs, $14.95.
PICTURE PALACE, Stephanie Young, 114 pgs, ingrimmus, $15.
BICYCLE DAY, Mel Nichols, Slack Buddha, 32 pgs, $6.
CENSORY IMPULSE, Erica Kaufman, Farfalla, 50 pgs, $10.
50 YEARS OF RECUPERATION OF THE SITUATIONIST INTERNATIONAL, McKenzie Wark, cloth 78 pgs, 30 color illustations, $24.95.
MAXIMUM GAGA, Laura Glenum, Action, 112 pgs, $16.
THE OUTERNATIONALE, Peter Gizzi, Wesleyan, 111 pgs, $13.95.
THE LETTERS OF ALLEN GINSBERG, Allen Ginsberg, ed Bill Morgan,$30.
SICK PLANET, Guy Debord, trans Nicholson-Smith, Seagull, 94 pgs, $16.95.
GRAVE OF LIGHT: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS, Alice Notley, Wesleyan, 366 pgs, $22.95.
NTERVIEW WITH ROBERT CREELEY MAY 1998, interview by Brent Cunningham, Hooke Press, 28 pgs, $10.
NIGHT WRAPS THE SKY: WRITINGS BY AND ABOUT MAYAKOVSKY, ed Michael Almereyda, FSG, cloth 272 pgs, $27.
DEED, Rod Smith, U Iowa, 88 pgs, $16.
GERTRUDE STEIN: SELECTIONS, Gertrude Stein, ed Joan Retallack, U Cal Press, 352 pgs, $19.95.

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