Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Alice Notley, Culture of One

Alice Notley's adventurous new book is inspired by the life of Marie, a woman who resided in the dump outside Notley's hometown in the Southwestern desert of America. In this poetical fantasy, Marie becomes the ultimate artist/poet, composing a codex-calligraphy, writings, paintings, collage-from materials left at the dump. She is a "culture of one."

Penguin Books, 160 pgs, $18

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New in Poetry & Theory

ATTACK OF THE DIFFICULT POEMS: Essays and Interventions, Charles Bernstein, U. Chicago, 282 pgs, $26. Includes "Against National Poetry Month As Such," "Anything Goes," "Poetry and/or the Sacred," "Electronic Pies in the Poetry Skies," "Is Art Criticism Fifty Years Behind Poetry?" and many others.

EITHER WAY I'M CELEBRATING: Poems & Comics, Sommer Browning, Birds LLC, 98 pgs, $16. "Never believe the concierge."

THE MERIDIAN: Final Version--Drafts--Materials, Paul Celan, trans Pierre Joris, Stanford, 286 pgs, $24.95. "Hostility to art--:... / There is no synthetic poetry--"

CHOMP AWAY, Drew Gardner, Combo, 100 pgs, $13.95. "Doublespeak is probably the best thing you can/ syringe-feed an anorexic bunny."

AGAINST EXPRESSION: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing, ed Craig Dworkin & Kenneth Goldsmith, Northwestern, 656 pgs, $45. "Against Expression, the premier anthology of conceptual writing, presents work that is by turns thoughtful, funny, provocative, and disturbing."

THE SOURCE, Noah Eli Gordon, Futurepoem, 126 pgs, $16. "Every time I go out in the street, I immediately start falling in love."

THE WIDE ROAD, Carla Harryman and Lyn Hejinian,141 pgs, Belladonna, $16. "The reader is lovable."

THAT THIS, Susan Howe, New Directions, 110 pgs, $15.95. "If you die in your sleep do you know you are dead?"

THE MATTER OF CAPITAL: Poetry and Crisis in the American Century, Christopher Nealon, Harvard, cloth 198 pgs, $35. Authors examined include Auden, Pound, Ashbery, Spicer, K. Davies, & Rankine.

NEW IMPRESSIONS OF AFRICA, Raymond Roussel, trans Mark Ford, Princeton, cloth 256 pgs, $24.95.
"_To read_ often equals _to be tricked_"

A MEGAPHONE: Some Enactments, Some Numbers, and Some Essays about the Continued Usefulness
of Crotchless-pants-and-a-machine-gun Feminism, ed Juliana Spahr and Stephanie Young, ChainLinks, 403 pgs, $27.95.

MALFEASANCE: Appropriation through Pollution?, Michel Serres, Stanford, 90 pgs, $15.95.

APPLIES TO ORANGES, Maureen Thorson, Ugly Duckling, 60 pgs. $13. ""Sling my hammock where?"


MONEY SHOT, Rae Armantrout, Wesleyan, 80 pgs, cloth $22.95.--signed copies
ADDRESS, Elizabeth Willis, Wesleyan, 64 pgs, cloth $22.95.--signed copies
THE H.D. BOOK, Robert Duncan, ed Boughn & Coleman, U Cal, cloth 680 pgs, $49.95.
OTHER FLOWERS: Uncollected Poems, James Schuyler, ed Meetze & Pettet, 220 pgs, $18. New in paper.
ALL THE WHISKEY IN HEAVEN: Selected Poems, Charles Bernstein, 300 pgs, $20. New in paper.
VERSED, Rae Armantrout, Wesleyan, 120 pgs, $14.95. New in paper.
FRANK O'HARA NOW: NEW ESSAYS ON THE NEW YORK POET, ed Robert Hampson and Will Montgomery, Liverpool, 258 pgs, $29.95.
CHARLIE CHAN, Yunte Huang, Norton, cloth 360 pgs, $26.95.
SOCIOLOGY IS A MARTIAL ART: Political Writings, Pierre Bourdieu, New Press, 310 pgs, $18.95.
PROCEDURAL ELEGIES/WESTERN CIV CONT'D/, Joan Retallack, Roof, 120 pgs, $14.95.
HANK, Abraham Smith, Action, 132 pgs, $16.
AN ATTEMPT AT EXHAUSTING A PLACE IN PARIS, Georges Perec, trans Marc Lowenthal, Wakefield Press, 55 pgs, $12.95.
R'S BOAT, Lisa Robertson, U Cal, $19.95.
CORRESPONDENCE, Ingeborg Bachmann & Paul Celan, trans Wieland Hoban, Seagull Books, cloth 376 pgs, $24.95.
CONTRADICTA APHORISMS, Nick Piombino, Green Integer, $12.95.
THE FRONT, K. Silem Mohammad, Roof, $13.95.
A TONALIST, Laura Moriarty, NightBoat, $14.95.
DEAD AHEAD, Ben Doller, Fence, $16.
CHORA, Sandra Doller, Ahsata, $17.50.
THE SORE THROAT & OTHER POEMS, Aaron Kunin, Fence, $16.
THE MEANING OF SARKOZY, Alain Badiou, Verso, $16.95.
HOPES AND PROSPECTS. Noam Chomsky, Haymarket, $16.
CONTRADICTA APHORISMS, Nick Piombino, Green Integer, $12.95.

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