Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New in Poetry & Theory

ATTACK OF THE DIFFICULT POEMS: Essays and Interventions, Charles Bernstein, U. Chicago, 282 pgs, $26. Includes "Against National Poetry Month As Such," "Anything Goes," "Poetry and/or the Sacred," "Electronic Pies in the Poetry Skies," "Is Art Criticism Fifty Years Behind Poetry?" and many others.

EITHER WAY I'M CELEBRATING: Poems & Comics, Sommer Browning, Birds LLC, 98 pgs, $16. "Never believe the concierge."

THE MERIDIAN: Final Version--Drafts--Materials, Paul Celan, trans Pierre Joris, Stanford, 286 pgs, $24.95. "Hostility to art--:... / There is no synthetic poetry--"

CHOMP AWAY, Drew Gardner, Combo, 100 pgs, $13.95. "Doublespeak is probably the best thing you can/ syringe-feed an anorexic bunny."

AGAINST EXPRESSION: An Anthology of Conceptual Writing, ed Craig Dworkin & Kenneth Goldsmith, Northwestern, 656 pgs, $45. "Against Expression, the premier anthology of conceptual writing, presents work that is by turns thoughtful, funny, provocative, and disturbing."

THE SOURCE, Noah Eli Gordon, Futurepoem, 126 pgs, $16. "Every time I go out in the street, I immediately start falling in love."

THE WIDE ROAD, Carla Harryman and Lyn Hejinian,141 pgs, Belladonna, $16. "The reader is lovable."

THAT THIS, Susan Howe, New Directions, 110 pgs, $15.95. "If you die in your sleep do you know you are dead?"

THE MATTER OF CAPITAL: Poetry and Crisis in the American Century, Christopher Nealon, Harvard, cloth 198 pgs, $35. Authors examined include Auden, Pound, Ashbery, Spicer, K. Davies, & Rankine.

NEW IMPRESSIONS OF AFRICA, Raymond Roussel, trans Mark Ford, Princeton, cloth 256 pgs, $24.95.
"_To read_ often equals _to be tricked_"

A MEGAPHONE: Some Enactments, Some Numbers, and Some Essays about the Continued Usefulness
of Crotchless-pants-and-a-machine-gun Feminism, ed Juliana Spahr and Stephanie Young, ChainLinks, 403 pgs, $27.95.

MALFEASANCE: Appropriation through Pollution?, Michel Serres, Stanford, 90 pgs, $15.95.

APPLIES TO ORANGES, Maureen Thorson, Ugly Duckling, 60 pgs. $13. ""Sling my hammock where?"


MONEY SHOT, Rae Armantrout, Wesleyan, 80 pgs, cloth $22.95.--signed copies
ADDRESS, Elizabeth Willis, Wesleyan, 64 pgs, cloth $22.95.--signed copies
THE H.D. BOOK, Robert Duncan, ed Boughn & Coleman, U Cal, cloth 680 pgs, $49.95.
OTHER FLOWERS: Uncollected Poems, James Schuyler, ed Meetze & Pettet, 220 pgs, $18. New in paper.
ALL THE WHISKEY IN HEAVEN: Selected Poems, Charles Bernstein, 300 pgs, $20. New in paper.
VERSED, Rae Armantrout, Wesleyan, 120 pgs, $14.95. New in paper.
FRANK O'HARA NOW: NEW ESSAYS ON THE NEW YORK POET, ed Robert Hampson and Will Montgomery, Liverpool, 258 pgs, $29.95.
CHARLIE CHAN, Yunte Huang, Norton, cloth 360 pgs, $26.95.
SOCIOLOGY IS A MARTIAL ART: Political Writings, Pierre Bourdieu, New Press, 310 pgs, $18.95.
PROCEDURAL ELEGIES/WESTERN CIV CONT'D/, Joan Retallack, Roof, 120 pgs, $14.95.
HANK, Abraham Smith, Action, 132 pgs, $16.
AN ATTEMPT AT EXHAUSTING A PLACE IN PARIS, Georges Perec, trans Marc Lowenthal, Wakefield Press, 55 pgs, $12.95.
R'S BOAT, Lisa Robertson, U Cal, $19.95.
CORRESPONDENCE, Ingeborg Bachmann & Paul Celan, trans Wieland Hoban, Seagull Books, cloth 376 pgs, $24.95.
CONTRADICTA APHORISMS, Nick Piombino, Green Integer, $12.95.
THE FRONT, K. Silem Mohammad, Roof, $13.95.
A TONALIST, Laura Moriarty, NightBoat, $14.95.
DEAD AHEAD, Ben Doller, Fence, $16.
CHORA, Sandra Doller, Ahsata, $17.50.
THE SORE THROAT & OTHER POEMS, Aaron Kunin, Fence, $16.
THE MEANING OF SARKOZY, Alain Badiou, Verso, $16.95.
HOPES AND PROSPECTS. Noam Chomsky, Haymarket, $16.
CONTRADICTA APHORISMS, Nick Piombino, Green Integer, $12.95.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

On behalf of my client, Kameisha Jerae Hodge, I would like to express interest in her hosting a book signing / poetry reading at Bridge Street Books. Kameisha Jerae is a 22-year-old spoken word artist and poet from southeast. Her book (Atlas of Consciousness) has led to a few interviews; however, she feels that in order to become a full-time writer, she must put forth more effort to make a name in her city and surrounding areas. As a native Washingtonian and self-published author, she finds it imperative to reach out to independent bookstores before going to commercial ones in order to help build small businesses. To view her work, and to see what you will be investing in, check out these following places:

Website: www.kameishajerae.wordpress.com
Google+: Kameisha Jerae
Facebook: KameishaJerae
Twitter: @KameishaJerae
YouTube: KameishaJerae

If a book signing sounds like something that your venue would be interested in hosting, please contact us at mahoganyblues@live.com for further correspondence.

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Mahogany Blues Entertainment
Follow us. The (r)Evolution awaits you.

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